Our facility consists of four treatment bays that assure visual privacy and provide a comfortable, relaxing, and well-monitored experience.  Each bay has a white noise machine and a phone charging cord so clients can manage their own acoustic environment.



The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule provides consumers with important privacy rights and protections with respect to their health information, including important controls over how their health information is used and disclosed by health plans and health care providers. Ensuring strong privacy protections is critical to maintaining individuals’ trust in their health care providers and willingness to obtain needed health care services, and these protections are especially important where very sensitive information is concerned, such as mental health information. We are compliant with all HIPAA rules and best practices.

To assure acoustic privacy, each treatment bay has a white noise machine and a phone charging cord so clients can play music or otherwise manage their own auditory environment. During treatment, clients are addressed only as needed and only by their first name, or the first initial of their last name, or by any other name they request.  The clinic layout allows us to assure that individually identifying information is protected while keeping treatment costs as low as possible.