Anthony A. Frasca, MD, MSPH

Since 1997 it has been my passion and privilege to help people struggling with the most severe behavioral health conditions. During these 23 years of practice I've seen the abilities, and sadly, the limitations of current psychiatric practice. But a new era of treatment is dawning, with opportunities to marry expertly applied standard care to newly approved medications and modalities that will help those for whom typical current care has not been enough.

"I've started this clinic to help, in some small way, to usher in this new era. Right now my staff and I can offer you nasally inhaled esketamine (SPRAVATO®) or ketamine administered by intramuscular injection or nasal inhalation. Both can help lift the symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder (and also the depressive symptoms associated with some other conditions), and ketamine has demonstrated benefit for anxiety disorders.

In the future I hope to offer other new treatment modalities such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMNS) and (hopefully, in the not too distant future) clinically approved versions of psilocybin, MDMA and other novel psychotropics.

I know from personal experience that Major Depressive Disorder can be a matter of life or death. But, it doesn't have to be a life or a death sentence. Let us help."

Professional Experience

Dr. Anthony Frasca received his Medical Degree and Master of Science in Public Health from the University of South Carolina (in 1997 and 1995, respectively). He trained in psychiatry at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, where he was elected to serve as Chief Resident. He received his certification in Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in 2003.

During his 24-year career as an attending psychiatrist he has been privileged to treat adults at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center; at Broughton State Hospital in Morganton, NC; at the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program at Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, NY; at Grace Hospital in Morganton, NC (now known as Atrium Blue Ridge – Morganton); with the Assertive Community Treatment Team of A Caring Alternative in Morganton, NC; and at the Good Samaritan Clinic in Morganton, NC.

He has served on the boards of the Foothills area progam, the Mental Health Partners LME, and the Partner MCO. He chaired the Mental Health Partners board and vice-chaired the Partners board. He served on and chaired the board of the Good Samaritan Clinic. At Broughton State Hospital he was the Chief of Psychiatry from 2005 to 2009. He is sitting Clincal Chairman of Psychiatry for the Medical University of the Americas and SABA University School of Medicine. He has twice been voted as best clinical lecturer/teacher, once by the psychiatry residents at SUNY Buffalo in 2004, and once by the internal medicine residents at Atrium Blue Ridge – Morganton in 2020.

Dr. Frasca was born and raised in the New York City metropolitan area. He received his Bachelor’s in Arts in Journalism from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

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